American in Romania-part 1

De când prietenul meu american a decis să vină să mă viziteze, tot mai multă lume mă întreabă ce părere are el până acum despre Romania, dacă e încântat de vizita pe care urmează să o facă în Europa şi aşa mai departe. Alţii sunt foarte curioşi ce o să zică el la plecare. Cum i s-a părut, ce i-a plăcut cel mai mult, ce nu i-a plăcut, ce l-a impresionat.

Aşa că mi-a venit mie o idee. I-am dat dragului meu iubit american, că tot mai sunt numai 10 zile până ajunge aici, să scrie un articol despre ce aşteptări are el de la frumoasa noastră ţară şi ce îl entuziasmează la această excursie. După ce va pleca înapoi în SUA are o altă temă. Va scrie un nou articol despre cum a fost în România şi ce i-a plăcut cel mai mult.

Nu voi traduce articolul în limba română pentru că aş strica din unicitatea şi din stilul personal al autorului :P. Sper să vă placă şi ţineţi cont că e opinia unui american care nu a vizitat Europa până acum iar România va fi prima ţară de pe listă! 😀 Eu una sunt convinsă că o să îi placă! 🙂

Thank you John for accepting to write this article for my blog! 🙂

„When someone very dear to you asks a favor, do you ever doubt that you will answer anything but “yes”? I know I could think of no other answer when asked to write this article about my upcoming trip to Romania. I feel that I should begin with a brief background about myself so my views can be better understood to those who do not know me.

I suppose the most relevant information I should provide would be the three primary residences I have occupied during my nearly 24 years of life as an American. I was born in Chicago, IL and lived there until the age of 6. At this time, my family moved to a tiny speck of land in the middle of Lake Michigan called Beaver Island. I attended school there from 1st grade through my senior year of high school, at which time I decided to further my education at Michigan Technological University, located in Houghton, MI. There I completed my bachelors degree in 4 years and returned to Beaver Island to work and currently reside there still.

My travel experience has been limited to the continental United States and a brief (overnight) stay in Canada some time ago. As this will be my first real trip out of the US and everything I’ve ever known, I really do not know what to expect of Europe. While my early schooling did teach geography and some world cultures, it was not nearly vast enough to specify in detail many of the European countries and simply grouped many together as areas we would learn about. It would also seem that the intent of the schools is to teach more about our own country than to enlighten us as to some of the differences and commonalities we have with other countries. This inevitably leads to a large amount of Americans to be “internationally ignorant”. I will admit that I am one of the afore mentioned individuals, my extended schooling was in the subjects of engineering and taught little of the rest of the world. What little did get taught was usually of countries that were vastly different from my own, as different as a tribal people that do not even know what electricity is. There was little to no focus at all on societies that functioned very similarly to our own, which basically encompasses the entire modern world. That being said, I can continue with what I expect to see and experience on what I hope to be a wonderful and enlightening journey :D.

I will first begin with my expectations of the people I will encounter. My past experience with Romanians can be described as nothing short of wonderful. 😀 Granted that my previous experience does not include a great number of people, but every encounter was a pleasant one. 😉 Because not all individuals were from the same city in Romania, I can only hope that this trend will continue with most Romanians that I will meet along my way. I am the type of person to try and keep an open mind to cultural differences and enjoy subtle changes from that which I am used to. While some of my friends may (jokingly) think that Romania is full of vampires and werewolves (a strange stereotype I’m sure every Romanian would be happy to be rid of 😉 ), I expect nothing more than a nation of people with traditions, diets, hobbies and language different from my own. 🙂

What I know of Romania as a country is limited to that which I have learned since meeting some of its very pleasant people. I quite honestly had never really researched anything about Romania before or would have even been able to point it out on a label-less map, something I’m not particularly proud of. Since then I have learned of some of its peoples many accomplishments, the general geography of the country and its location on the globe. 😉 I would never have known that such inventions as the fountain pen, insulin or the jet engine were created by Romanians if I had not been enlightened by a certain someone. Contributions to global society also delve into the computer world as the second most spoken language by Microsoft is Romanian, the beginning of cybernetics originated in Romania and Ubisoft operates a branch in Romania.  I had been glad for the contributions before, but now I know who to direct my thanks towards :D.

While the large portion of my time in Romania will be spent in Timisoara, I am also looking forward to seeing the countryside during the train ride to Brasov. As I understand, it is a town located just north of the mountains and is near to the Bran and Peles castles. I thoroughly enjoy older architecture, probably due to my father being a mason contractor and always pointing it out, and I am really looking forward to seeing my first castle. 😀 I also enjoy seeing older-style architecture still being used in the modern day and am excited to see many of the older buildings Romania has to show me.

I am not entirely sure what to expect from the roads and general transportation as I have always been used to driving just about anywhere I need to go. I understand that European roads and cars are generally smaller than their American counterparts. I’m sure mostly due to the existing roads in Europe being converted to accept vehicle traffic from foot/horse traffic whereas most American roads were designed and built with the sole purpose being for automobile traffic. I can imagine that this would make more of the experience more quaint and enjoyable. Also, I have never been on a train that I can remember and am curious to see what the experience holds for me. 🙂

In conclusion, I would say that I look forward to my trip with an open mind and eager to learn about a different country. 😀 I know some things may be similar and others drastically different, but I’m glad for that. If it weren’t for the differences in the world, it would be quite a boring place to live. Part of the reason I love living in the United States so much is because of its wide ethnic background and diverse people. 😉 I eagerly await being in a new country, 7 time zones from my home and meeting new people and experiencing new culture. Above all, I look forward to seeing the one Romanian who asked that this article be written in the first place. :D”


Salut! Eu sunt Alina și de aproximativ un an și 6 luni de zile locuiesc în Statele Unite, unde am luat totul de la 0 încercând să îmi croiesc și să îmi găsesc drumul. Cred în vise împlinite, în oameni și mai cred că viața e un mix între muncă multă, noroc, momente și decizii cheie. Cred că poți găsi frumosul în aproape orice situație și poți învăța ceva de la fiecare persoană pe care o întâlnești. Mă bucur că ai ajuns aici și sper ca mai multe despre mine sper să afli din articolele pe care le scriu, articole care conțin mereu o bucățică din sufletul meu.

  1. roxana

    9 aprilie

    Superb scris. A atins toate punctele.

  2. Ma surprinde placut faptul ca, citind articolul, am realizat ca e perfect incadrat pentru un discurs – introducere, cuprins si incheiere. Foarte-tare!!!
    Sa aveti zile de poveste impreuna!

  3. Multumesc fetele! Si eu am ramas impresionata cat de frumos a sintetizat totul! 🙂

  4. Luminita Duda

    10 aprilie

    Very well said John!!! Wish you a nice and safe trip :))Enjoy!

  5. Carmen

    11 aprilie

    Foarte frumos. Cum sa nu iti placa asa un baiat ?!

  6. Gio

    13 aprilie

    Big like to traffic comparison.
    I think this put Europe somewhere on top: the antique roads for foot/horse traffic. This, near the beautiful castles!

    I hope John will love our history, as little as he will get on such a short time, and enjoy the culture, the food and our medieval architecture but with modern utility inside right from the year they were built.

    Looking forward to see that „after” article 😀

    Have fun!!!

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